Ask the audiologist

True or False? You should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.

Earwax, or cerumen, is a combination of secretions from glands in the ear and a natural, necessary substance. Cerumen moisturizes the ear and prevents dirt and bugs from reaching the eardrum. Too little earwax can cause irritation and infection.

Cerumen migrates naturally from the ear canal. You should not use toothpicks, bobby pins, fingernails or anything else to remove the wax. If you are concerned about the build up in your ears, call us to schedule a free otoscopic examination. You can view the inside of your ear LIVE on a monitor!

Hearing Loss – Use it or Lose it?

Research indicates that the sooner your hearing loss is identified and then acted upon the more success you will have with hearing instruments and the better you will hear. The auditory (hearing) nerve and the areas of the brain responsible for hearing may atrophy (weaken) when they are not stimulated with amplified sound through the use of hearing instruments. This “auditory deprivation” typically cannot be completely reversed.

Call for an appointment today and let the audiologists at Atlanta Hearing Associates find out if you are a candidate for better hearing.

What part of your life would be affected the most by the untreated hearing loss?

A recent survey of 1,000 adults indicated that they thought their social life and friendships would suffer the most from hearing loss. Women were more likely than men to feel that family relationships would be affected the most.

Hearing loss, even if it is mild, can not only have an impact on family life but also understanding the tv and radio, participating in social events, talking on the telephone, performing in the workplace and in some circumstances living safely.

Once you learn more about hearing and take positive action to do something about your hearing loss, you will realize what you are actually missing!

Wouldn’t my family physician tell me if I had hearing loss?

Only 15 percent of doctors routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical exam. Even when a doctor does screen for hearing problems, the results may be suspect since most people with hearing problems hear pretty well in quiet environments – like a doctor;s office. Without special training on hearing loss, it may be difficult for your family doctor to even realize you have a hearing problem.

Find out if you have hearing loss – even if you are just starting to suspect it. We’ll send the information to your physician.

FREE hearing screening – call for an appointment today! Absolutely no obligation.

Hearing loss in men – how prevalent is it?

More than 15 million men in the United States suffer from unaddressed hearing loss. In fact, 60 percent of people with hearing loss in the United States are male and approximately 60% of them are under retirement age. This Father's Day, give your dad, husband or significant man the gift of better hearing. It can diagnosed and treated. Do it for your dad.

For more information about men and hearing loss see Men's Fact Sheet in our articles.

Are hearing aids tax deductible? Should I use my medical flex spending account for hearing aid purchases?

Yes! Hearing aids and accessories are medical expenses which may have tax implications. Often the benefit of a medical reimbursement plan is a matter of using it or losing it before the end of the year. 2011 is drawing to a close! Call for an appointment today!

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